Known as the fast and furious old world kung fu. A proud heritage of authenticity in the martial world. It is known to be the keeper of secrets that makes a person faster, stronger and more powerful in mind and body and spirit.


Known generally as the slow and serene kung fu, a time proven work out that rejuvenates through proper postures and meditative movements and circulation of the CHI. A workout that one can even practice in maturity.
Sifu Vince Borromeo teaches the art he learned from the World Renowned Grand Master Doc Fai Wong, teaches the Choy Li Fut and Traditional Yang Tai Chi systems. Once shrouded in secrecy and mystery is now revealed for its health and fitness benefits at the INTEGRITY AESTHETIC AND WELLNESS CENTER.

Sifu Vince Borromeo


What is traditional Kung Fu?

This kind of kung fu is known as the old style kung fu preserved in keeping with its lineage masters that diligently preserved the art for the next generations to keep healthy and strong.
What specific Kung Fu’s will be taught?
Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Traditional Yang Style.

What is Choy Li Fut Kung Fu?

Choy Li Fut is the Dynamic Fighting Art that Descended from the Monks of the Shaolin Temples, also known as Southern Chinas’s most powerful style of Kung-Fu.
-Doc Fai Wong-
Choy Li Fut is respectfully known as a temple art kung fu, because it can be traced directly from the Shaolin temples (North and South).
“Choy Li Fut” is the honorific name given by the Founder Chan Heung of his new complete art combining the Northern legs and Southern fists of both Shaolin Temples also immortalizing the names of his Masters respectively, Choy from Master Choy Fook , LI from Master Li Yau San and Fut the Chinese word for their religion (Buddhism).

What is Traditional Yang Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Martial Art. Well known for its superior health benefits and high level of effectiveness in combat. Tai Chi forms are performed in a slow and relaxed manner, which calms the mind and releases the mental and physical tensions of our modern stressful lifestyle.
As a martial art, Tai Chi Chuan uses the theory of “four ounces of strength against a ton of force,” repelling the opponent without resorting to force against force.”
Taijiquan, is one of the highest forms of martial arts and health practice and ranks as one of the oldest documented forms of martial arts, dating over 1,500 years.
Tai Chi’s History as a healing art
Yang Lu-Chan, a man with stomach problems, studied Taijiquan from Chen Chang-Xing for health benefits and deciphered many Taijiquan secrets. Yang completed his studies, taught his two sons, Yang Ban-Hou and Yang Jiang-Hou, Yang Jiang-Hou had two sons, Yang Shou-Hou, the eldest son, who learned all the family secrets and techniques from his father and uncle; and Yang Cheng-Fu, the second son, who learned his Taijiquan from his father and his older brother.
Yang Cheng-Fu and his student, Chen Wei-Ming are both famous for spreading Taijiquan throughout China. Yang Cheng-Fu Taught Dr. Hu Yuen-Chou who taught Doc Fai Wong who in turn is teaching his Filipino Student Vincent M. Borromeo.

What is the meaning of respectable Temple Arts?

Many martial artists have high respects for Kung Fu’s that were developed in the Temples simply because the monks and priests did not have wives or families and had the time a discipline to study and develop their arts. Choy Li Fut is a Temple art, and it can directly be traced in the Shaolin Temple, Traditional Yang Style, from a Taoist priest.
I consider this art “Large Frame Tai Chi” where steps are wider than other systems I have experienced giving more stability, balance and power a perfect complement to Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.